Iran May be Declared Non-Compliant With Nuclear Deal Next Time


Moreover, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri condemned the US congressional decisions and warned Washington to be more cautious about its approaches toward the Islamic Republic, Tasnim news agency reported.

Iranian officials have repeatedly said Iran maintains its right to respond to the United States if the latter does not comply with the nuclear deal.

The measure passed Tuesday now goes to the U.S. Senate, though the White House has sent mixed signals over whether President Donald Trump will sign it.

He did not specify what actions Iran would take. On the missile-related sanctions, Rouhani said Iran keeps upgrading its "defense capability".

Iran denies it intervenes negatively in the Middle East, and unlike Washington, says its missile program does not violate UN Security Council 2231 which endorses an worldwide nuclear deal with six world powers, including the U.S.

"The U.S. House of Representatives, with the adoption of these non-nuclear sanctions, and in the event of its finalization and implementation, has ignored and threatened the implementation of a multilateral and worldwide agreement that is the result of efforts made in several years", Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said.

"But what is unfair is that the United States policy has a lot of impact on the financial networks and it may prevent European financial institutions from having deals with Iran", the lawmaker mentioned.

The president also told The Wall Street Journal that he would be surprised if Iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal when he should re-certify it in three months.

The accord took effect in January 2016 and was supposed to terminate all nuclear-related sanctions against Iran all at once, but its implementation has been hampered mainly due to USA policies.

The spokesman added that the USA bill was against the spirit and text of the JCPOA, stressing that Iran would reciprocate to ensure the interests of the country.

Although Trump hasn't followed through with a campaign promise to dismantle the Iranian nuclear agreement, he clearly remains deeply suspicious of the deal, even though it has accomplished its objective of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and even though Iran generally has complied with its terms.

He added that the Iranian legislators would discuss USA moves at various committees of the parliament and would immediately examine them at the floor.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that French and European laws would need to be adjusted in response and added that discussions would be necessary at European Union level because of the potential impact on European citizens and firms. Trump devoted part of his speech in Youngstown, Ohio, to Iran.

Jazayeri said that Iranian armed forces, heedless of US pressures, "will push their ways to reach the peaks of progress and will make it (the United States) regret its mischievous acts".