BLU phones no longer on sale from Amazon following renewed security worries


USA -based phone company BLU is back in hot water as Amazon has suspended sales of its phones citing concerns over the security of the software loaded on the phones.

"Because of the security and privacy of our customers is paramount, all models of Blu phones will not be available for purchase on until the issue is resolved", the statement reads Amazon.

The move comes after security firm Kryptowire demonstrated last week how software in Blu's phones collected data and sent it to servers in China without alerting people.

Blu previously agreed that there was a third-party app on its smartphones which collected information about text messages, contacts, and call logs. However, researchers at KryptoWire last week once again revealed that Adups' software is still sending data from the Blu Grand M smartphone to the company's server in China. As those concerns have appeared once again, Amazon has made a decision to stop selling Blu smartphones.

Amazon just put budget phone maker Blu in the penalty box. Adups has called Kryptowire's latest presentation "slander" and has said that the same firm approved of revised firmware on the devices it had tested in November. Sales are suspended for "potential security issue" according to CNET. Blu adds the data now being collected is "standard for OTA functionality" and "does not affect any user's privacy or security".

BLU is denying any wrongdoing, saying that it stopped bundling Adups software in 2016, but some older devices still use have it. Blu said it took the additional step of switching from the Adups OTA app on future devices to Google's GOTA. Kryptowire later provided the findings to Amazon.

As of this weekend, Best Buy still displayed BLU phones as part of its in-store unlocked device showcase. "Regarding that some information may be stored in China servers, their privacy policy clearly states that some of the data collected can be stored in servers outside the U.S., there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a server in China", Blu added.