'Blue Whale' of death reaches Mumbai: teen leaps to death


The police said his father is an aeronautical engineer.

The Class 9 student was rushed to a local hospital immediately after he had jumped, but was declared dead on arrival.

Police sources have stated that they learnt about the suicide pact from Manpreet Singh Sahani's friends' Whatsapp group. But we are investigating the case from all angles.

The Mumbai police suspected that the reason behind this extreme step can be the related to Blue Whale suicide challenge. Also, the police are yet to recover the child's laptop, which will bring further clarity. His family is in Nashik to carry out the final rites. While the Blue Whale is all about self-harm, depressing messages and suicide, Baleia Rosa attempts to promote positivity and encourage people to save lives.

"The Blue Whale" reportedly created by a former convict in Russian Federation, allegedly psychologically stimulates the players to indulge in daring, self-destruction tasks for 50 days before finally taking the "winning" step of killing themselves, and each task must be filmed and shared as "proof". The game begins with fairly basic tasks, but continually increases in magnitude to tasks such as cutting one's veins, killing an animal and finally suicide.

"A new, risky online game referred to as the Blue Whale Challenge is reaching young people and causing harm, first overseas and now in the United States", the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention said in a statement.

The police in Russian Federation have so far arrested two men working as group administrators, according to reports.

Game administrators ask players to wake on odd hours and on mid-way of the game the players are asked to cut their arms or any other body parts with a razor or any sharp weapon.

The forensic expert claimed the boy had told his mother he was going out to get a printout. The last stage of the game is suicide.

On his Facebook profile, the boy has posted pictures of a superhero character, Superman, and expressed his wish to become a pilot.

"We are yet to record the statements of his parents; we will also question his friends if needed", the officer added. Players in the game, according to initial reports, agree to follow a set of instructions-alleged to include self-mutilation-over the course of 50 days. "Glorification of suicide is also responsible". Prima facie, it looks like a suicide case, but the reason is yet to be concluded.