Jon and Daenerys meet Olenna Tyrell steals the episode


Everyone's reuniting on Game Of Thrones, and fans couldn't be more thrilled about it. After all, winter is here.

Daenerys' first encounter with Jon was icy at best, as he refused to bend the knee to her upon arriving at Dragonstone.

Sansa Stark blossoms as the interim Queen of the North. But, is she really competent? It was evident when Bran reminded her about Ramsay's atrocities at the Weirwood Tree.

The only reason why the Unsullied took Casterly Rock without a fight is because a bulk of the Lannister army, including Jaime Lannister, headed to Highgarden to take it from the Tyrells. She removed the majority of her troops from Casterly Rock in order to take Highgarden and get rid of an enemy on the battlefield. But if she regards him with anything more than that, we know not. There is obviously the hint of Targaryen blood in Jon that may make the coupling questionable - for if Jon is indeed Rhargar's son, not only is he related to Dany, he is in fact, her nephew.

"What I love about the way she plays the scene is that even though you leave the scene knowing she's soon going to be dead shortly after you cut to black you still feel like she won". And she intends to. However, she has proven to be quite a force on her own, navigating between men stumbling in and out of power. "It was a handsome location with 50 miles per hour winds and I was wearing a cape next to a cliff", he said. After drinking the wine, she asks if her death will be painful and Jamie looks at her softly and reassures her she'll die peacefully. It's long overdue given her age anyway!

While viewers know that Tyene will eventually die from the poison, it's left to the imagination what fate Cersei envisions for Ellaria after she's forced to stay in a cell while her daugther's body decomposes in front of her. But because she's Cersei, her revenge is steeped in masochism. Cersei wants to give Olenna a cruel death in King's Landing, but Jaime convinces her otherwise, and he gives Olenna poison.

It's also about Sansa, who is torn between being an authoritative figure and worrying about her family, it's about Olenna, who seems to be the last of her kind and Mellisandre, whose mistakes seem to be catching up with her.