Mahmoud Abbas released from hospital after 'exhaustion and stress'


However, doctors and Palestinian officials said Sunday that Abbas was exhausted.

After his release from the hospital, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said that Abbas' health was very good and he had passed all medical exams.

One physician says that Abbas suffered from an inflammation of the stomach, aggravated by stress.

All spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss Abbas's health with the media.

The 82-year-old underwent routine checks, including blood tests and X-rays at the private Al Istishari Hospital near the town of Ramallah, and left after 90 minutes, said the hospital director, Dr Fathi Abu Mughli.

Tensions with Israel over the Temple Mount site in Jerusalem has forced Abbas to constantly monitor the crisis and hold meetings with his advisers.

Abbas is overweight and a heavy smoker, though he reportedly recently switched to electronic cigarettes.

In October, he underwent an emergency cardiac catheterization suffering exhaustion and chest pains.

Both Israeli and Palestinian sources concluded that Abbas' health has deteriorated during recent months, which could hasten the process of choosing new PA leadership, Israel's Haaretz reported.

Abbas's latest checkups revived the debate over who will succeed him.

Abbas, who has no plans to step down, has ignored calls to appoint a successor, setting the stage for a bitter power struggle if he is incapacitated.