Trump considers "very risky", the state of relations with Russian Federation


He said, "Our relationship with Russian Federation is at an all-time & very risky low".

Trump, who has publicly expressed frustration with Congress, lashed out again at lawmakers on Thursday.

"As president, I can make far better deals with foreign countries than Congress", Trump claimed.

Dmitry Medvedev (dih-MEE'-tree med-VYEH'-dyev) says in a Facebook post that "Trump's administration has demonstrated total impotence by surrendering its executive authority to Congress in the most humiliating way".

But Prime Minister Medvedev fumed on Wednesday evening on Facebook that the move "ends hopes for improving our relations with the new United States administration". It also toughens sanctions against Iran and North Korea.

The cutting of the USA diplomatic presence in Russian Federation started on Tuesday, that was Russia's response to the Senate bill signed by Donald Trump. Trump has repeatedly expressed a desire to strengthen ties with Russian Federation.

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday morning that the US' relationship with Russian Federation is at an "all-time" low and Americans should blame Congress.

It constrains Trump's ability to waive the penalties - a statement of mistrust from the Republican-controlled Congress, which remains unsettled by the billionaire's warm words for President Vladimir Putin.

Nebenzia says Russian Federation expected President Donald Trump to sign the sanctions bill.

Some parts of the law "displace the President's exclusive constitutional authority to recognize foreign governments" while others exceed Congress' authority by imposing time limits on the executive branch, the signing statement said.

Ryan's brief statement makes no mention of Trump's criticism of the legislation that had passed the House overwhelmingly last week.

"Given the statements out of the White House today, Trump detractors could view this as a bit chaotic and as further proof that the executive branch needs congressional oversight on foreign policy issues", said Lawrence Ward, a partner at Dorsey & Whitney, a firm specializing in USA national security law.

North Korea has so far made no public comments on the USA move. Not just because it's been White House chaos, but also because he has historically low approval ratings, and he has very low influence over Republican and Democratic legislators.

"I built a truly great company worth many billions of dollars".

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he will meet with his Russian counterpart Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov over the weekend, but warned US-Russia ties could still get worse. "This changes the power balance in U.S. political circles".

White House officials say President Donald Trump has signed a bill to impose new sanctions on Russian Federation.