After two dozen reports of burns, glitter iPhone cases have been recalled


Several customers reported suffering chemical burns from these cases produced by MixBin Electronics. Hopefully, companies that design these cases are learning a thing or two from this recall.

The product was available for the iPhone 6, 6s and 7 from October 2015 through June 2017, and it looks like a snow globe with glitter floating inside the liquid. A recall of roughly 275,000 glitter iPhone cases was issued after 24 people reported that they experienced chemical burns and skin irritation as a result of the cases leaking. MixBin did not respond to a TODAY request for comment.

The commission said users with the recalled cases should stop using them and contact MixBin Electronics for a refund. This means that neither Apple nor any of the brands which ordered the cases are to blame for this incident. All cases come with glitter that floats inside the liquid. The problem was quite serious, as more than 260,000 products were subjects of the recall.

Images of the affected products, some of which carry the Victoria's Secret, Henri Bendel or Tory Burch brand, have also been posted online. Others happened overseas. But in most cases, consumers reported experiencing injuries while at least one claims to have permanent scarring due to the chemical burn.

MixBin Electronics, which sold the cases, said in a statement that there was a risk that the cases could crack or break and the liquid could leak out and irritate users' skin. While contact dermatitis generally does not damage the epidermis enough to create permanent scarring, unchecked inflammation can create more lasting damage. Also, only 19 of these people were from the USA, so other countries are likely to be effected by the recall as well.