Bold strategy: ESPNU to be rebranded 'ESPN8: The Ocho' on August 8


But one of the best gags was about ESPN, which for a time seemed on its way to having eight networks.

It's finally happening. It only took 13 years, but ESPN8: The Ocho is finally becoming a reality. Or, 8/8, which feels appropriate considering the network name.

While there is no word yet on if Cotton McKnight and Pepper Brooks will be able to make appearances for a bit of guest commentary, it seems that at least for a day, ESPNU will finally live up to the mission statement "Dodgeball" jokingly promised us years ago: "If it's nearly a sport, we've got it here". But aside from that, this sounds like everything we ever dreamed it could be.

A True Underdog Story gave the world a few things.

But for one day only, on August 8, ESPN will transform ESPNU to ESPN The Ocho and broadcast a full lineup of non-traditional sports.

No Cotton or Pepper here, but ESPN said its lineup for the stunt on The Ocho - motto: "Bringing You the Finest in Seldom Seen Sports" - kicks off at midnight with the 2016 American Disc Golf Championship. The complete schedule of events can be seen here. Whatever the reason is, this could wind up being a pretty awesome day of television.