Grand Canyon National Park launches search for Texas woman


National Park officials say they found a body near the Black Bridge at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, approximately three-quarters of a mile from Phantom Ranch.

The three had set off Tuesday morning from Grand Canyon Village, indenting to hike the South Kaibab Trail down to the campground at the bottom of the canyon.

Officials say Beadle was hiking with two children to the campground.

The body of a woman believed to be 38-year-old Sarah Beadle, of Fort Worth, Texas, was found by search and rescue crews Wednesday afternoon, according to an NPS news release.

Sarah Beadle is from Fort Worth, Texas.

One of Beadle's brothers, Charles Lawrence Springer, said she was visiting national parks with the children and that they had also visited Yellowstone National Park.

The National Park Service described Beadle as an "experienced backpacker and hiker" who last hiked the Grand Canyon in 2002.

Davis says the circumstances of how Beadle and the children separated are under investigation.

Crews located the body near the Black Bridge at the bottom of Grand Canyon, almost a mile from Phantom Ranch.

No additional information is available.