Donald Trump's shitty tweets printed on toilet paper


US President Donald Trump's news and tweets have become a part of our daily lives.

A single roll of President Trump's toilet tweets retails for $12.99 on Amazon but is now out of stock. "No Twitter feed is as deserving of being flushed, it's tremendous", reads the product's description.

Despite this Toilet Tweets have proved to be so popular with Amazon customers, one user called them "the greatest invention in the history of ever", that the firm ran out of the product on Friday and is now working on re-stocking it as soon as possible.

Amazon on Friday was offering rolls of toilet paper printed with tweets from President Trump.

The market for political-twinged bathroom accouterments appears to be booming with other toilet paper featuring the faces of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and, of course, Trump. The retail giant also sells toilet paper with Trump's face on it and a Donald Trump Toilet Roll Talker which is created to "fill your bathroom with" Trump's voice.

All the printed tweets on the paper are the most controversial statements made by Trump. Trump had tweeted in 2014. Trump's tweet in 2013.

If you can't go through the day without your morning coffee and reading Donald Trump's tweets, we have news for you. Called "American Art Classics - Donald Trump Toilet Paper - Dump with Trump!- Highly Collectible Novelty", the still-available Trump toilet paper features Donald Trump's photo, and it will set consumers back almost $13 per roll.

In the meantime, you can put your number twos right where you really want to on a variety of toilet tissue featuring Trump's face.