Cardinals 'rally cat' reportedly found, could be reunited with team


The Rally Cat has been found, safe and sound and resting with the St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach, where volunteers are treating the cat and helping it recover before preparing it for adoption.

The outreach said they were working to determine if the kitten is the infamous Rally Cat from Wednesday night's Cardinals game.

The Cardinals are adding this event to their 2017 theme ticket schedule, and on September 10 against the Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis is partnering with Purina to honor the cat.

How do cat types know this captured kitten is the very same one that committed the unforgivable sin of being in any way associated with a win by the terrible St. Louis Cardinals? "We thought this theme day would be a fun and unique way to honor our newest furry friend". I'm no expert on either baseball or curses, but given how determined all these folks seem to be to blame the cat, it makes me wonder if perhaps they didn't let the cat psych them out a little too much in the moment?

While it's probable that in a week or two all the Cardinals fans will forget about the excitement caused by a rally cat and a comeback grand slam, at least the cute kitty is back home and can bring more luck to St. Louis through the remainder of the season.

St. Louis, which looked to be falling out of contention several weeks ago, entered play on Sunday with a record of 60-56 and sat just one game behind the hated-rival Chicago Cubs for first place in the National League Central Division.