High court to hear challenge to marriage equality 'postal plebiscite' in September


"Voters would begin receiving ballots on September 12, ahead of a count on November 7, but voting would not be compulsory".

"No matter how far, or how wide I roam, I still call Australia hom.ophobic", Tim is heard singing to the tune of the 1980s song.

That is - nearly every Australian.

Poll after poll shows a majority of Australians favor legalizing same sex marriage.

The government had hoped that the threat of the inferior alternative of the postal plebiscite would make the Senate reconsider its decision last November to block the plebiscite.

Mr Shorten's speech, which drew a standing ovation from the opposition benches, was followed by forceful contributions from pro-change Liberal MPs, including gay MP Tim Smith, who had briefly considered defying his party to support a free parliamentary vote on the issue.

"I give you this promise".

"It's hurtful as someone who this means a lot to".

"I expect that we will see the "yes" case outspend the "no" case, probably by 10 to one", Senator Seselja said.

If you don't have a permanent roof over your head, you probably don't have a letter box either.

According to the British census in 2013, 113,000 people who were born in Australia live in the UK.

The postal vote, with an estimated cost of $122 million, will not change the law but simply provide additional guidance about public opinion.

You will receive a ballot in the mail to your nominated address, which you will then fill out and return via the mail.

17-year-old Andrew misses out on voting by a few days.

The NewsMail wants to know what Bundaberg thinks on this topical issue. This alone was reason enough for me to oppose the original compulsory plebiscite.

No, you will not be able to vote online. The cut-off date for enrolling is August 24th.

The ABC reported on Friday the government is likely to rush its Bill through Parliament next week, to minimise the distribution of hateful advertising material being distributed as part of the same-sex marriage vote. "There is a solution, but it does cost money".

Announced by the Minister for Finance, Senator Mathias Cormann, the arrangements for fulfilling the Treasurer's direction will be determined by the Australian Statistician.

'It's making me really nervous that I won't get a say on something that directly affects my family as well, ' she said.

Megan has been living and working in regional Indonesia for four years.

Now that it is happening we must get involved.

"The choice is whether we allow these statements to go unresponded to".