LG V30 tipped to launch along with a Plus variant; pricing leaked


The LG V30 Plus is expected to launch in the company's home country of South Korea on September 15, the same day previously reported for the LG V30. If you had your mind set on Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 8 phablet, it's not going to be an easy call. Thus, LG has prepared for the competition even with the Samsung Note 8 tabletop 6.3 inches, which will show on August 23 in NY.

We're nearing the launch of the LG V30, and a new report indicates we'll see both the regular version and a Plus variant of this phone launch at the same time.

LG V30 is becoming official on August 31, just a day before IFA 2017 at Berlin kicks off, that's already old news at this point. Sources indicate that LG will be introducing slightly different features on each handset, which will respectively clock in at 64GB and 128GB capacities. Well, we are just doing guesswork here.

Sources indicate that this is all part of a dedicated goal on LG's part to drive up sales by offering a range of features and prices, hitting the sweet spot among multiple tiers of consumers who have varying needs. It is natural that bezels will find little room to spread in the LG V30 Plus, thanks to the Full Vision display as seen in LG G6. The Galaxy S8+, for comparison, is $849 Dollars, so it wouldn't be surprising to see LG's competing model parked around that price point. Unfortunately, users who might be planning to go with the LG V30 Plus instead of the LG V30 will be disappointed, as the LG V30 Plus is only planned to be released in South Korea.

One of the additional improvements LG has made to its V30 imaging is a reduction in edge distortion with its wide-angle camera. As per the latest report out of South Korea, the V30 Plus will be priced higher than the standard V30 model at 1 million South Korean Won, which roughly translates to $875. The device manufacturer has reportedly made a decision to opt for an OLED screen, that is believed to be necessary to support virtual reality experiences. While there are many factors worth considering, but the spec-sheet says a lot about the phone and its value for money.