What to know about Guam, the U.S. territory targeted by North Korea


But for Californians whose relatives live in Guam, the tough talk is enough to make them worry.

Padilla supported that having Ri Yong-Ho, the Foreign Minister of North Korea attend the recently held Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit was a positive sign.

Residents of the tiny territory - just 19 km at its widest point and circled with attractive beaches - find themselves again caught in the middle of a war of words as a volley of hostile rhetoric was launched between North Korea and the United States, including pointed threats of nuclear action.

These are among the guidelines Guam has released as, amid escalating tensions with North Korea, the small Pacific island contemplates the nightmare scenario of a nuclear strike.

Padilla made the statement after the North Korean Strategic Force of the Korean People's Army said on Thursday it was "seriously examining a plan" to fire a missile near Guam.

"I support our President and our US military, and I am proud to fly the American flag in the Western Pacific", the statement added. "We take it to heart when it comes to anyone threatening the island but I have full faith in the military", he added.

The Pentagon said in a 2014 report that climate change posed an immediate threat to national security.

"We actually spent time in prayer for the situation in North Korea and the threats that are going on", Howard Merrell, interim president of Pacific Islands University, a Christian university in Guam, told CBN News.

Pettigrew says her family is naturally on edge but that the island is prepared.

AcFalle said recent North Korean threats have everyone on Guam - and many here in the U.S. - on edge. We have nothing to be able to deter those rockets. "You're talking about nuclear. That's a bad set of outcomes from where we sit now", said Admiral James Stavrides (Ret.), NBC News Military Analyst.