Bungie reveals Destiny 2 gameplay changes for PC beta


It may not be the best mode to choose if you're not interested in playing the game with people who are way better at Destiny 2 than you, but it does guarantee you'll get into a match faster than before with the new Quickplay rules. Starting off, the matchmaking systems used in the Quickplay and Competitive playlists will be tuned individually. The changes are products of the players' feedback from the recently concluded console beta.

It should be noted that these specs can change from the beta to the full game, when Destiny 2 eventually releases on PC on October. This mode will ensure that you're matched more fairly with players closer to your skill level.

However, Bungie has revealed that players will be able to set the FPS limit through the config file, "Destiny 2 on PC will include the ability to specify a frame rate upper-limit (via a config file)".

He added that PC players will experience this in the game's upcoming PC Beta.

This is the final weekend of Trials of Osiris in Destiny, as Bungie shifts its focus to Destiny 2 in preparation for its September 6 release.

Moving on, Bungie's fixed the Warlock glide glitch ("this bug was awesome.so awesome it hurt us a little bit to kill it"), and the infinite grenades glitch.

Bungie will look to make the franchise's first look on the PC successful through some changes that it will apply to the beta version of Destiny 2, as the developer addresses some of the biggest complaints made by players in the console beta. "We agree it was taking a bit too long to cook up a Super".

FIXED: Warlocks now have the same Melee Range as all other classes With the exception of where perks directly increase their range, Warlocks will punch like the rest of us.

TWEAKED: Increased Grenade Damage in PvE Increased damage helps Grenades feel as powerful as they should facing hordes of alien combatants and, more specifically, makes the longer cooldowns more palatable.

The upcoming beta for Destiny 2 PC will mark the first time that the massively popular sci-fi shooter can be played on the PC, as Destiny was only available for consoles. The PC beta has been updated with our new values and will provide much more heavy ammo in PvE than what was found before.

Last week, we learned that the PC version of Destiny 2 won't allow third-party applications to insert code in the game's client, so applications like FRAPS, Discord, OBS, MSi Afterburner and others won't work. The beta will then open to everyone on Tuesday, August 29, and run through Thursday, August 31.