Jamie Carragher insists signing Virgil van Dijk won't solve Liverpool's defensive woes


Redknapp believes the problem rests squarely with individuals and has called for the club to spend big on Virgil van Dijk while Carragher is of the opinion that the manager has to take the flak.

Southampton defender Van Dijk has been linked with a move to the Reds throughout the summer and handed in a transfer request at St. Mary's on Monday.

"But I don't care how good a centre-back, getting exposed on counter-attacks, you've got to cover the full width of the pitch, it's nearly impossible".

"He's better than what they've got, that's why I'm saying they should get him", Redknapp said on Sky Sports of Van Dijk.

Speaking afterwards in the Sky Sports studio, Jamie Redknapp repeatedly stated that the much vaunted signing of Southampton's Virgil van Dijk would improve matters, leaving his colleague Jamie Carragher exasperated to say the least.

However, Carragher disagreed: "On set pieces it's not about the defenders". No matter which defenders they buy or how much they cost - it won't make a difference.

But once again Carragher disagreed, he said: "If Van Dijk was playing instead of Lovren or Matip - he would have been in one of their positions".

"Whether it's zonal marking, the players he puts in certain positions, the positions of the full-backs in general play are far too high and wide for me, which gets centre-backs exposed".

'It's nearly impossible. What defenders can do that?' Van Dijk will improve it, yeah, but one man can't change it all'.

He ends the debate with: "One player is not going to change that".

Arsene Wenger's Arsenal side knocked four past Leicester in a seven goal thriller last night, and Watford just scored in the 94th minute to earn a well deserved point against a disappointing Liverpool side who can't defend for toffee.

"If you want to challenge for the Premier League, or win the Premier League, you've got to be conceding less than a goal a game: 30, 35 goals. So Liverpool need to take 15 goals away". The manager has been there 18 months now but there has been no change.

"We're still seeing the same things year in, year out, and it went back to Brendan Rodgers as well".

"I think Manchester United will be in there, they didn't make the top four past year but I think they will with the additions that they've made", he said.

'It's not rocket science how Liverpool concede goals, set-pieces and counter attacks.

Jamie Carragher has expressed his concerns with the fact that Alberto Moreno has started the new season as Liverpool's first-choice left-back.