Perseid meteor shower to light up the skies tonight into Sunday


Some meteor showers are slow, but we are moving into the Perseid stream so they are coming at us quite swiftly.

Earlier this week, retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield chatted with one of our sister stations, Jack FM and talked about how up in outer space, you can actually hear the meteorites ricocheting off the space station.

According to, "Typical rates are about 80 meteors an hour, but in outburst years (such as in 2016), the rate can be between 150-200 meteors an hour", NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke said. In the Sacramento region, a lack of clouds will help viewing, as Saturday night's forecast predicts clear skies.

The annual Perseids is predicted to be one of the most spectacular shows in years - with up to 100 shooting stars every hour. This comet orbits the sun in a much more oblong path than Earth's orbit.

This year, as many as two of the streaking flashes of light could be visible every minute given a good location away from built up areas and clear skies. We can look forward to a decent display, even though they aren't going to be raining down from the sky.

But you don't have to me a club member to watch the meteors at the park.

"Be sure to be patient when looking for the meteors", Dr. James Hackley, an optometrist with Gemini Eye Care, said.

August is a big month for stargazers and astronomy fans, but this weekend's meteor shower may leave a little bit to be desired.

And the best time to see meteors streak across the sky will be in the pre-dawn hours of August 12 and 13.