Travis Scott splashes out for Kylie's birthday


How did she manage to rescue Kim Kardashian's $75,000 earring when it fell into the ocean?

Having just celebrated her little sister Kylie's birthday, Kourtney Kardashian shared a photograph to Instagram of the two of them striking a pose outside in the lovely sunlight. I feel like that's fun. "But Kim right now is my fave".

Woods, however, agrees to disagree. She shared: "Usually I go on a trip every year and I like to do something special and big".

When asked to reveal their celebrity crushes, Jenner's choice is a surprising one. Renowned for her lip kits, the company has diversified into eyeshadow, blusher, and highlighters.

The criticism doesn't seem to have affected Kylie much - she's been back on Instagram posting a series of seriously hot selfies. "If I had to say someone else, probably... No. We tried to take a picture with him once..."

An even juicier tidbit of information is the fact that Jenner and Woods actually once approached Nye for a photo on the street - and he turned them down.

"And he said no", Jenner continues.

What's next? All we can say is that we smell a confrontation in the future...

Fans have dismissed Kylie's reality show about her life - in which she admits to being jealous of model sister Kendall and wanting to "run away" from fame - as "unrelatable", with one saying "a lot of pressure to post a selfie, oh god" and another calling her "a superficial idiot". This year I'm just feeling family vibes.

Their mom Kris Jenner told E! "I literally found it in two minutes". That's the only thing I can think of.