Luna Can't Believe Dad John Legend Guest-Starred on Sesame Street


In her Instagram caption, Teigen explained that Luna had no idea what "Sesame Street" was when Legend made his cameo. Posting it on Instagram, he captioned the magical moment by saying that one day, Luna would be "very excited by who daddy hung out with today".

Warning: this video of baby Luna watching her poppa John Legend on Sesame Street for the first time will melt your cold, cold heart.

Well, Luna's dad had the absolute biggest surprise for the little fan when he and all of his Sesame Street pals put together a personalized video for her while he was playing piano on an episode (Luna was sick on the day of the shoot and couldn't attend). And then.the one-year-old lights up with excitement as she realizes it's none other than "Dada" who's rockin' out with Big Bird and the crew!

But now she's finally at that stage where she understands (and loves) Sesame Street, a rite of passage for every child, even the famous ones.

Luna Legend will never be the same.

"Hello, Luna!" Elmo greets her in the clip, which Luna watched on repeat, getting more and more excited each time Elmo says her name.

This wasn't Legend's first time hanging out on Sesame Street. "Since my days as a stylist, traveling around the world, I've wanted to find a pant that could take you from city to city, day to night".

'She was sick and couldn't go to set when John was filming so all the characters made this video for her.