NASA issues a solar glasses warning ahead of August 21 eclipse


The key to the eclipse's seemingly unusual path is the moon, which orbits around the Earth from west to east - or counterclockwise, if you were hovering in space way above the North Pole.

Officials at Jeffersontown, Alex Kennedy and Okolona elementary schools, as well as individual teachers at other schools purchased the glasses from various vendors through Amazon a few weeks ago for their students so they can can view the August 21 eclipse with the right protection. Also, do not look through smart phones, cameras, telescopes or binoculars without the proper sun filters. Solar eclipse sunglasses continue to sell out of stores fast, so get yours today!

How can you spot fake eclipse glasses?

"Thousands of us probably bought them (the glasses) because they are cheap", she said. Because of this, you'll see the corona (the upper atmosphere of the sun, not the sun-colored beach brew), which looks like a bright, glowing halo.

Also, you should put your glasses on before looking at the sun and remove them after you look away.

On August 21, the entire USA will be able to see at least a partial eclipse. Free eclipse glasses will be available throughout the region, including at local public libraries.

But on Monday, Aug. 21, totality will totally return, at least in 14 states from OR southeast toward SC.

The American Astronomical Society has listed manufacturers of eclipse glasses on their site, which are verified to be compliant with the ISO 12312-2 worldwide safety standard.

Amazon suggested customers refer to the NASA and AAS websites for more information about safely viewing the solar eclipse.

District officials want to remind people that looking directly into the sun at any time can cause eye damage. This list comes from the American Astronomical Society - of the National Science Foundation. If only a fraction of that many people travel, expect massive delays, particularly near where a total eclipse will occur.