Judge Judy lets dog loose in courtroom to identify his true owner


Rather than listen to the back and forth "he said, she said", Judge Judy chose to ignore all evidence and instead let the dog choose his preferred owner - and things got pretty emotional.

In it, the defendant claims she legally bought a dog from someone on the street, as one does.

TV magistrate Judith Sheindlin was faced with a canine ownership dispute in her courtroom in a recent episode of Judge Judy.

In a scene some have compared to the ending of Disney film Air Bud, Judge Judy decides to settle the case by letting the dog choose.

And low and behold, the second the dog is free he races across the room to the couple, and bounces up and down the man's leg.

Every dog owner knows that the love they have for their pets is one that is truly unconditional.

When the dog was placed on the floor, the decision was easy to make.

A clip of the unorthodox ruling originally aired in 2012, but has found a new audience after it was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week - being viewed more than 3.6 million times in just two days. Surprisingly, the dog immediately ran towards the man who lovingly called him "Baby Boy".

"It's his dog", she said.

Dog and real owner share a tearful reunion.