Ric Flair Awake, Progressing After Surgery


Flair had surgery Monday, with both the WWE and Flair's people providing few details.

The 68-year-old was admitted to hospital last weekend and took a turn for the worst as he was rushed into surgery.

"Former 16-time professional wrestling world champion "#Nature Boy" #Ric Flair scared his legions of fans last weekend when he ended up checking into a hospital on August 12 and then ending up in a medically-induced coma the next day to undergo surgery on what was originally called a heart condition.

She went on reveal that Flair underwent surgery, but specifically denied rumors of that it was on his colon.

Sports Illustrated reported on Thursday that Flair had an intestinal blockage which resulted in a part of his bowel being removed. Flair's family asked for privacy, which his manager Melinda Morris commented on as well. RicFlair is my favorite pro wrestler in the history of the business.

However, on Sunday, she wrote on Facebook that "there has not been an official Ric Flair update, but that has led to a lot of false information".

His fiancee Wendy Barlow released a statement on Wednesday (Aug. 16), revealing that the WWE legend is in critical condition with "multiple organ problems".

In true Nature Boy fashion though, he apparently cut a promo on one of the nurses already.

Meltzer also confirmed that Flair never had a heart attack. But just to get in there with a Steamboat or the likes of a Bret "The Hitman" Hart one more time, that would be good.

She added: "The man outlived a plane crash & being struck by lightening, he is a survivor".