Taylor Swift Returns to Social Media, Shares Cryptic Snake Video!


The mysterious video, which popped up on her Instagram and Twitter on Monday, is the singer's first post since suddenly wiping her social media accounts clean on Friday. The singer's official website was presenting web surfers with an error message early Monday morning (8/21).

Music fans - correctly, from what we hear - interpreted the move as a tease for the release of new music. Considering Swift's significant airplay, it is easy to forget the multiple Grammy victor hasn't released an album since 2014's "1989".

As if the solar eclipse wasn't enough excitement for one day.

Three years after releasing her record-breaking pop album 1989 - and three days after going dark on social media - Taylor Swift reopened her accounts Monday morning, though the objective remains murky thus far. It's not accompanied by any new music yet, but we're holding out hope that some is on the way soon.

The short clip is simply a dark tail, possibly of a snake, moving slowly in the middle of a black background. This has caused fans from all over the world speculate what the singer could have up her sleeve.

Taylor Swift is back.

At roughly the same time, Swift had a post-breakup dispute with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris.

I assume we'll all find out exactly what this means sometime this week.

Swift has made a career out of writing songs that not so subtly throw shade at her critics and exes. Of course, there's not much her fans can do other than just wait and see what she plans on doing next.