Chrissy Teigen Speaks Out About Her Struggles With Alcohol


"She's obsessed with jelly shoes and every time I put them on her, I get a million people saying, 'Those have chemicals in them, '" she revealed.

She was feeling exhausted, she said, maybe a little jet-lagged. "We're going to try to have a child".

The family-of-three have recently been vacationing together before Teigen and Legend try for another round of IVF.

Before Italy, it was Bali, where they attended a wellness retreat. Teigen jokingly added that her followers should see the other 1000 things she does every day which could cause her harm!

"I was, point blank, just drinking too much", the mother-of-one recently revealed to Cosmopolitan at her own brunch event launching her partnership with U.S. credit card company Chase Sapphire in Los Angeles. She picked up my phone and turned it around in her hands. "I got used to being in hair and makeup and having a glass of wine", she said.

At some point, the mother of one realized that she was "just drinking too much" and admitted that it became a habit for her to drink before and after awards shows. "I don't know how to go to an awards show and not drink", she confessed. "And that feeling, there's just nothing like that", she continued. "I feel like pregnancy is the time for them to warm you up to the shaming that's about to come because they really go in on you". This is especially true given that she's a spokesperson for both Smirnoff and Captain Morgan. From her tweets to her candid interviews, Chrissy reminds us that celebrities are people, too. "Everything is there, always". "I used to think it was kind of nutty to have to go totally sober", she states, "but now I get it".

Chrissy Teigen
Instagram MUM LIFE Chrissy here with daughter Luna is planning on having further IVF to conceive again

Chrissy, who has a history of alcohol abuse in her family, also says she's not cutting out the idea of going dry. She started to worry about where this was headed. It makes you very short with people. "I've never once been like, 'I'm sure glad I had that boozy brunch!'"

Perhaps it's this mindset that has helped Legend and Teigen to easily mesh Luna into their busy travel schedule, which included Bali and Venice this summer. She ate better. She worked out. It was "really, really wonderful".

"I would wake up feeling incredible", Teigen said. She even felt "wonderful" and "amazing" and has been eating well ever since she made a decision to quit drinking. "I was just so happy". She also mentioned she's not the type of person to stop at just one drink.

The model and (hilarious) television personality opened up about her struggle with alcohol, admitting that it's hard to not say yes to the constant flow of cocktails she's offered as a celeb at events.

She continued, "I don't want to be that person". Teigen walked through a mass of attendees toward a succulent wall and answered questions about travel and cooking.

"But now I get it", Chrissy said. With this in mind, we're thankful that Chrissy is sharing her story.