Entertainment Olamide Could Go To Jail for "Promoting Tobacco" in Wo Video


The broadcast regulatory body released the list yesterday, saying it has banned the five songs from being aired across Nigerian airwaves.

Controversy on Tuesday surrounded an alleged ban on songs of three Nigerian musicians by the National Broadcasting Commission.

The Federal Ministry of Health had in a tweet on Friday slammed Olamide's "Wo" for violating "Nigeria's Tobacco Control Act of 2015".

"Wo", Olamide's latest single was shot in the streets of Bariga Lagos State, where the rapper was raised.

The Ministry said on its twitter handle on Friday that the video promotes a unsafe habit that encourages second-hand smoking.

He wrote: "No intentions of promoting tobacco to get people killed, I love my people, I love my country, one love, one Nigeria #ClearTheAir Oya Wo!".

Meanwhile, the Federal Ministry of health has praised Olamide for coming out to speak against the alleged tobacco promotion in his Wo video.

The ministry revealed further in the Twitter post that Olamide's several mention of cigarettes in the song contravenes Nigeria's laws on Tobacco advertising, promotion & sponsorship.