Harvey to threaten Texas with flooding rainfall to end the week


The remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey are over the Gulf of Mexico this morning after passing over the Yucatan Peninsula earlier in the week.

In the warm Gulf Stream waters, cyclones historically have churned up quickly from slow drifting storms to threaten the SC coast.

Rainfall from Harvey could cause life-threatening flooding, the National Hurricane Center warned.

Forecasters said some slow development of this system is possible during the next several days while it moves west-northwestward across the Bahamas and then turns northwestward or northward near Florida and the adjacent waters.

Harvey may strengthen to a tropical storm or hurricane before landfall. Very favorable conditions promote strengthening before landfall. Harvey also is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 3 to 9 inches in portions of south, central and northeast Texas and the rest of the lower Mississippi Valley.

Watches have been issued along the Texas coast, and the National Hurricane Center said people in southwestern Louisiana should be prepared, as watches will be issued for that area later Wednesday.

Forecasters are also watching two other tropical disturbances.

Although the storm poses no threat to Florida, heavy rain and storm surge is a real concern for Texas. Its track now is expected to move off land and into the Atlantic, but some models show it has the potential to make it into the Gulf of Mexico.

"There is the potential for heavy rainfall and significant flooding in the region, even if Harvey remains weak", Kottlowski said. "We will continue to feel an indirect impact from Harvey as more heavy rain bands move over the New Orleans area", he said.

There is the potential for Harvey to stall over Texas.

Some areas of southern Texas could accumulate anywhere from 10 to 15 inches of rain between now and Saturday.

"Regardless of if it develops, it is going to be very wet across the peninsula of Florida, and some of that rain could work its way up into Georgia and SC", said Feltgen, who advised that rain from the system could hit in Beaufort County at some point next week.