Rocket League Is Getting Free Nintendo-Themed Battle-Cars At Launch


Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will be released sometime during holiday 2017. If someone is on the Blue team, the NSR will look like the Luigi NSR and Samus Gunship will have a Varia suit-inspired appearance. For the Mario NSR/Luigi NSR auto, that special boost is the Super Star boost, while Samus's Gunship will use the Wave Beam rocket boost. Along with the new vehicles, Rocket League on Nintendo Switch will have exclusive customization items. Not only that but the image implies we'll see a Power Star boost trail.

Today one of those possibilities has become a reality with Psyonix announcing that Rocket League will have special Mario and Luigi cars, along with Samus' ship from Metroid exclusively available on Nintendo Switch.

For the curious, team color decides which version of the new Battle-Cars appear on the pitch. Samus' Gunship has a "Wave Beam" boost. Each of the aforementioned cars will be coming this holiday 2017. The two cars are identical except for the color, and the one you get will depend on which team you're on.

The first of these new Battle-Cars are named Mario NSR and Luigi NSR (no prizes for guessing who they are named after). Though both vehicles are FREE on Nintendo Switch, players will still need to unlock them in-game by completing certain requirements. "The second of the Battle-Cars is called the Samus" Gunship and is based on the hero from the Metroid franchise.