The Beatles' Score for "Eleanor Rigby" Heads to Auction


They will go under the hammer next month, alongside the deeds for the grave of the woman who may have been the inspiration for the song itself.

The song "Eleanor Rigby" was released in 1966, almost a decade after Mr. McCartney met Beatles co-founder John Lennon for the first time at a festival behind St. Peter's Church in Woolton. But given that this is the church where McCartney met John Lennon, there may have been some subconscious influence at play.

Fans of the Beatles recently celebrated 50 years of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, but some may now have the band's Revolver on the brain as the score for album cut "Eleanor Rigby" hits the auction block.

But McCartney has stayed true to his story, saying in 2008 that "Eleanor Rigby is a totally fictitious character that I made up". "I expect there to be fierce bidding from across the globe". I was looking for a name that sounded natural.

Bidders will have a chance at buying a 19th century Bible owned by Eleanor Rigby along with the certificate of purchase and a receipt for her grave space when the items hit the auction block September 11, The Guardian reported Monday.

McCartney acknowledged that odd coincidence and admitted the name could have been a product of his subconscious. The headstone describes her as "the beloved wife of Thomas Woods".

According to The Guardian, deeds for the grave space, bought in October 1915 by Eleanor's grandmother Frances, were discovered by a relative when the estate of two of Eleanor's half-sisters was left to the family.

In the United Kingdom, grave spaces can contain several burials because the graves are dug deep enough to accommodate them.

Once the rights have expired, no further burials can take place until the grave is purchased again. The Guardian reports that "the last person to be buried in Eleanor Rigby's family grave was laid to rest in 1949, 68 years ago", meaning the new buyer could bury someone in there in seven years.

The original score for The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby", handwritten by producer George Martin, is expected to reach £20,000 at auction.