Toddler causes mayhem during live news fail


On Wednesday, an ITV Lunchtime News segment about milk allergies became much more interesting when one of the interviewees - a toddler who was there with her mother and her brother, who has a milk allergy - climbed atop the news desk and crashed the interview.

A TV debate surrounding milk allergies quickly turned sour when a toddler clambered onto a newsreader's desk during an interview with her mother.

A British news anchor is being praised for his cool handling of a live interview that took an unexpected turn when it was hijacked by the subject's sister.

The newsreader was in conversation with Lucy Wronka and her young son George about milk allergies during the 1pm update.

Viewers and journalists took to Twitter to share their amusement about the ITV Lunchtime News incident.

Toddler takes over live TV
A toddler took over an ITV news broadcast

As Stewart noted at the beginning of the interview, the playful toddler, named Iris, "will do whatever she chooses to do over the next couple of minutes".

She then tried to drag herself up onto the top of the desk, before giving Alastair a high five.

Iris began to climb onto the desk next to Stewart as the host, her mother and brother attempted to continue the interview. "You just carry on there".

The newscaster ended his segment by pitching the news' evening show by saying, "Mary Nightingale, I think, will have a more peaceful time at 6:30".