Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Reviews Are in and They're Thumbs Up


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have Google Daydream capabilities from the get-go. In the US, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is priced at $930 (or approx Rs 59,566) for the base version. Earlier only the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus had this VR platform support and that too only after a software update which came months after the phones' release. While the new phone also features facial recognition and an iris sensor for biometric security, CNET called the iris scanner's performance "hit-or-miss", and BGR warned both options could be prone to hacking.

The Galaxy Note 8 boasts a 6.3-inch display, its signature S Pen stylus and a dual-lens camera setup.

Btw, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is up for pre-order these days, however, Sammy doesn't bundle the new Gear VR headset as pre-order offer. But he does say that "the Note 8 fits more snug than the S8, so you have to be slightly more careful putting it in".

One company that has spent the a year ago surprising us with the unboxing experience is definitely Samsung.

The Note 8 is set to compete directly with LG Electronics Inc.'s V30 smartphone, along with the new iPhone set to be showcased by USA giant Apple Inc. later this month. The event is scheduled to happen in Delhi at 12:30 pm (IST).