TN Task Force One once again answers the call


About 80 members of an elite search and rescue team from Virginia have been deployed to assist with Hurricane Irma.

Both METS and Missouri Task Force 1 are on standby to respond to Florida if hurricane Irma makes landfall there.

The team arrived back in Memphis Tuesday evening, and less than an hour later, they were activated again.

Hurricane Irma, right now a Category 5, is hitting the Caribbean with a forecast track that takes it right down the center of Florida or along the eastern coast of the Sunshine State.

Task Force 2 is one of 28 in the country and is based in Virginia Beach, with members from throughout Hampton Roads and in Hanover County.

"The idea is to have people highly skilled in search and rescue ready to mobilize", Kohn said of the FEMA system.

"This gives us an opportunity to touch a bigger piece of America you know, and help everyone", said Carmean. This time the hurricane is named Irma. The task force, which works 12 to 14 hours per day, is a combination of firefighters and paramedics from around Ohio.

Art Kohn, a spokesman for the Virginia Beach Fire Department, said Task Force 2 is one of the most frequently deployed units. They are prepared to carry out rescue and recovery missions under a long list of situations from flash flooding to structural collapses.

The Task Force will leave early on Thursday morning.

"We are glad to do our part, we are glad to help the people in Texas".