Twitter brings 'Night mode' to desktop: How to turn it on


Android and iOS users who like to browse Twitter in bed were pleased when a night mode was added to the mobile apps, saving middle-of-the-night blindings. Night mode is also available on Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android.

Twitter's blog reads, "You can now enable night mode on".

To deactivate it, just navigate to the same menu and click on the night mode option and Twitter will refresh and bring back the day mode. "Also available on Twitter for iOS and Android".

The "Night mode" look is actually a dark navy, rather than black or gray, which is probably a better choice for general legibility. When you click on that night mode option, Twitter will then refresh the page to make the adjustments. The feature is off by default, and you have to manually go and turn the feature on.

Users can enable it by clicking on their profile picture on the top right corner of the Twitter Web interface and tapping the Night mode toggle with a crescent moon symbol at the bottom of the menu. For iOS users, Twitter app now shows profile, additional accounts, settings, and privacy in one place.