Destiny 2 servers down for four hours today


It's not yet clear whether Bungie will remove the gauntlets entirely or simply alter the design.

Bungie has announced that Destiny 2's servers will be undergoing live maintenance later today, meaning the game will be offline for a few hours. The company explained that the reference was not "intentional" and that it will be removing it from the game.

Bungie's director, Luke Smith, has confirmed players will need to have achieved a power level of 260-280 before they can access the Leviathan Raid on Destiny 2.

Offering its "deepest apologies" to fans, the Bungie stated that the item in question "does NOT represent our values".

Not even out a week and Bungie has quickly addressed a problem with an item in Destiny 2 that had unintentional similarities with a hate symbol.

According to Southern Poverty Law Center, Kek is a satirical religion headed by white nationalists to troll liberals and spread their memes.

Although the word "kek" originated as a World of Warcraft meme, it has since been repurposed by alt-right internet denizens as a symbol of white nationalism, not unlike Pepe the Frog.

Destiny 2 - do you risk another addiction? It's why many are still concerned that this has happened in the first place. The firm revealed that Red Dead Redemption 2 absence in 2017 will give them the opportunity to get the most out of their launching titles.

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