PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds could get the much anticipated vaulting feature in November


"However, we must look into this with more detail to ensure that adding another game mode does not hurt the user experience for the player base as a whole". The update is hitting PUBG's test servers today, which means that - barring some major issue that needs to be patched out immediately - it'll be arriving on live servers later this week.

The new fog mechanic that's coming soon to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds received a couple of sneak peeks recently to get players excited for the new weather effects. The first of these is a new town called Kameshki, the implementation of foggy weather effects, and a new semi-automatic rifle called the Mini-14. In other weapon updates the Tommy Gun is now only available as a world spawn weapon and the Crossbow has had a huge reload speed buff of 35%, so we can all miss long range shots even faster.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Fog Mechanic Receives New Screenshots

Additionally, idle players will now be prohibited from earning Battle Points, something the team says it will be monitoring to improve the current system in the future. There are tens of thousands of objects that should be vaultable or climbable in Erangel. To perform the action, the geometry and properties of each object have to be dynamically detected and analysed. Patch notes aren't the only thing we're getting today, as PUBG developer Bluehole also gave us new information on upcoming features. It is a complex system that requires "rigorous testing and fine-tuning of the map". It's sold seven million copies in its lifetime, according to SteamSpy, and yet for the last six months you probably haven't heard much about it. We just don't have the time, and Xbox has the Preview Program, which allows us to - like Early Access - develop the game with the players.

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