Apple Watch Series 3 Gets Official


The next generation Apple Watch Series 3, will have cellular built in, Apple also confirmed today.

In announcing the new device, Apple's Tim Cook proclaimed that the company is now the world's largest watchmaker, having recently surpassed Rolex, a figure that The Verge said is likely based on revenues.

Apple just unveiled its new Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch with LTE connectivity, a cutting-edge feature that means you'll no longer have to keep your iPhone nearby to use all of its features. After owning one myself, I'd say the current thickness of the Apple Watch Series 2 is an issue for many customers, and by reducing the size of the Series 3, Apple will be able to more easily cross over into the mainstream watch market.

The new watch will also include a faster dual core processor and a barometric altimeter, which measures the altitude of an object above a fixed level. Apple has also introduced a new grey color in ceramic, and a bunch of new bands. The LTE-enabled Android Wear watches generally have mediocre battery life, and Apple would need to keep the same "all-day" battery to make LTE useful in Apple Watch.

The new Apple Watch ships with watchOS 4.0, but you can install it on your watch next week. Apple will also reveal the iPhone X preorder date, which should end up being September 15, and the iPhone X launch date should be September 22. The device will also notify users of an elevated heart rate when the users are non-active.

Besides mobile support, the Series 3 has a new processor with a claimed 70 per cent improvement in speed.

For one, it tracks your heart rate much more closely.

Arrhythmia, as an irregular heart beat is known, is common in older people and can be a sign of heart disease or even a heart attack, as well as a cause of strokes, according to the American Heart Association. Without reliance on the iPhone, Apple could presumably sell Apple Watch to Android users too, opening it up to a massive new audience.

But let's bring it back to the main Apple Watch update of the day: cellular connectivity. Apple TV will have 21.3 million users this year, trailing numbers from Roku and Amazon boxes and Google Chromecasts, which will each top 35 million users, eMarketer estimates.

BusinessKorea reports that the Apple Watch 3 could include a new micro-LED display, compared to the OLED display of its predecessors.