Best of WWE Smackdown


And that is exactly what he did - lay on Vince McMahon he did!

WWE Smackdown Live on Tuesday saw Kevin Owens send out a message to the McMahons.

In case you didn't know...


It was on the aforementioned "Sin City" edition of SmackDown that Owens knocked Vince down with a vicious headbutt which cut the latter open. What does Vince McMahon have to say about the events that transpired last week?

Stay tuned to for more news on this situation as it develops.

Best of WWE Smackdown

Vince McMahon showed up and booked a Hell in a Cell match for next month, pitting Kevin Owens against Shane McMahon. This would never have occurred on my show, under my watch.

In honor of Sin City and sportsbooks, and in celebration of the boss coming back to live TV, here's Vegas-style odds of what could happen on Smackdown Live tonight.

WWE Chairman and CEO Mr. McMahon was on the receiving end of a brutal attack at the hands of Kevin Owens during the shocking conclusion of Sin City SmackDown.

This weeks episode of SmackDown Live ended with a bag as Vince McMahon made his return to television, and things got out of control pretty quickly.

Mr McMahon then further embarrassed Owens by saying Shane should have "finished the job" on Owens and has only been suspended for not doing so. This is exactly the feud that WWE needs to draw in the fans and battle the company's post-Wrestlemania lull.