Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler


- It's going to be a busy night on the WWE Network on Tuesday.

Kairi's win was considered a major upset last night, given that there have been a number of hints that a Four Horsewomen vs Four Horsewomen match could be happening in the future.

The victor of the inaugural Mae Young Classic will be determined tonight when Japan's Kairi Sane battles the United States' Shayna Baszler in the tournament Final, streaming live exclusively on WWE Network at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

She then had high praise for her friend Natalya, who greeted Shayna backstage before her final match. She came from behind each time with her spectacular flying elbow.

There was a rumor the victor would be presented the now vacant NXT Women's title, but that proved to be untrue.

As for Shayna Baszler, she is still under contract with Stardom, but much like Sane, she will most likely jump ship to WWE and sign a full-time contract.

Overall the tournament was very entertaining. Numerous women are already signed to developmental deals with the NXT brand and many more look to receive post-tournament deals, such as German strongwoman Jazzy Gabert, who was extremely impressive in a first-round loss.

Don't miss the compelling Mae Young Classic Finale when it streams live from Las Vegas tonight at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT, only on the award-winning WWE Network. They're well worth checking out.