Paris awarded 2024 Olympics, Los Angeles gets 2028 Games: IOC


The International Olympic Committee has chosen Paris to host the 2024 summer games and Los Angeles to host the following 2028 summer games.

Garcetti then signed the Host City Contract to mark the conclusion of the rubber-stamping of the city as hosts of the 2028 Olympics and Paralympics. The IOC has not officially approved the new deal but in its report on the 2028 bid, it said it had "no major concerns" with the agreement.

With the two teams - the final contestants of an initial six-strong field - having already agreed to split the 2024 and 2028 Games, there was none of the usual pre-announcement nerves and tension.

Wednesday's announcement marks the first time the International Olympic Committee has awarded the summer games to two different cities in the same announcement. LA loves the OIympics because the Games have lifted up our city twice before.

"We believe that these extra four years will give us time to make our games better", Evans said.

The Los Angeles planning committee estimates that the games will cost $5.3 billion.

Paris last hosted the games in 1924.

The bid has been overwhelmingly supported in the city of Los Angeles, the state of California and throughout the entire United States.

The 2028 games will end a 32-year drought for the USA hosting the summer games. "These Games will build on the legacy that began in 1932 and was cemented in 1984, and will touch the lives of Angelenos and Americans for decades to come".

It also means Paris will become the second city to hold three separate Summer Games, after London and before Los Angeles. Our diversity is our strength, and LA is uniquely and perfectly suited to welcome the world with open arms once again.

"It's very exciting. I mean Los Angeles is such an fantastic city with an incredible connection to the Olympic Games", he said.