Rebel Wilson awarded A$4.5m in magazine defamation case


Rebel Wilson has just won the highest ever defamation payout in Australia's history, scoring more than NZD$4.9 million from her legal battle with Bauer Media.

The Victorian Supreme Court Justice John Dixon determined on Wednesday that Wilson must get $650,000 in general damages and $3.91 million in special damages.

Bauer Media has always denied the articles were defamatory.

The award was more than four times the previous record for a defamation case in Australia, Wilson's lawyer, Richard Leder, told The Associated Press.

Her legal team would also apply for Bauer to pay all her legal costs, Leder said.

"Bauer Media's defence of this case attempted to characterise its articles as true or as trivial or not likely to be taken seriously", he said.

The judgment follows a unanimous jury verdict in June that Bauer Media, publisher of Woman's Day magazine, had defamed Wilson by branding her a "serial liar" who "fabricated nearly every aspect of her life".

Throughout the three-week trial, an often-emotional Wilson claimed she was sacked from DreamWorks animated feature films "Trolls" and "Kung Fu Panda 3" following the articles.

The Sydney-born actor, who was seeking Aus$7.0 million in damages, has previously said she would give the money to charity and the Australian film industry.

The jury found Bauer had said Wilson lied about her age, claiming to be six years younger, and had falsely claimed to have been named Rebel at birth. "Substantial vindication can only be achieved by an award of damages that underscores that Ms Wilson's reputation as an actress of integrity was wrongly damaged in a manner that affected her marketability in a huge worldwide marketplace", The ABC quoted him as saying.

Wilson has starred in films Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, among others.