Rishi Kapoor Lashes Out at Rahul Gandhi Over 'Dynasty' Remark


Rishi, who is known for his strong views and opinions, on Tuesday tweeted: "Rahul Gandhi". The actor has at times paid a hefty price for being vocal on the social media platform, from being trolled to cases filed against him, he's gone through it all.

BJP president Amit Shah, who is in Kolkata for a three-day visit, made a veiled attack on the Congress vice-president suggesting that nobody in India listens to anything that "failed leader" Rahul Gandhi has to say. In politics, and his own family, both Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi were remarkably successful dynasts and, in films, so many generations of the Kapoors ending with Kareena and now Ranbir have been enormously successful dynasts.

To which, he reportedly defended himself and involved India on the whole, saying, "Most of the country runs like this". Gandhi spoke of Akhilesh Yadav and Anurag Thakur as examples of dynasts in politics, Abhishek Bachchan in cinema and Isha and Akash Ambani in business - and, he said, he thought the same was happening at Infosys; something Chairman Emeritus Narayana Murthy has always denied. Even Abhishek Bachchan is a dynast. So, don't get after me because that's how India is run. He added that the key criterion for a political person was his competence and not the family he belonged to.

Rishi Kapoor's anti-Pakistan tweets continue and it's not amusing anymore!

Rishi Kapoor has launched a full-scale war on Rahul Gandhi due to his speech at the University of California at Berkeley. "And each generation is chosen by public on merit". "By God's grace we are in 4 generations".

I can act better than you Mr. Chintu, but I don't have a father like legendary actor RK grandfather like Prithviraj Kapoor saheb.

- Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) September 12, 2017So don't bullshit people on "Dynasty" You have to earn people's respect and love through hard work not zabardasti and gundagardi.