Suspect in Freeman High School shooting in custody


A shooting at a high school near Spokane, Wash., has left multiple injured, according to reports.

An employee at the Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center told the Spokesman-Review that six people were wounded.

Schools have been placed in lockdown amid reports of a shooting at a Washington high school Wednesday. The ages and extent of injuries at not known.

A suspect was taken into custody, The Review said.

A Twitter user named Christina identified herself as a junior at the high school and said she had been evacuated following at least four shots.

All Freeman School District and all Spokane School District schools went into lockdown.

She says classes were about to begin because it's a "late start" day.

"I saw someone carrying a gurney into the elementary school but I didn't know why", she said.

Police and fire services are on the scene at the school in Rockford, south of Spokane, with local sheriff's office confirming that there has been a shooting.