DPRK Condemns Additional THAAD Deployment in South Korea


The Philippines on Saturday repeated its call on North Korea to stop its "provocations" and instead engage in talks to ease tensions after the rogue state conducted another missile launch in the face of tougher global sanctions.

The South Korean defense ministry said the live-fire ballistic missile drill was approved by President Moon Jae-In.

"Our Embassy in Tokyo and Consulate General in Osaka are closely monitoring the situation and are regularly providing updates to the Filipino community", he added.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council has condemned the launch of yet another ballistic missile by the North Korea and called on the country's leadership to halt such activities and explore resumption of honest dialogue on denuclearisation.

"Our kababayans in Japan must closely monitor the Embassy's announcements and to update information on their whereabouts and contact details with the Embassy or Consulate General". It turns out that Seoul had launched two Hunmoo-2 missiles in response to the DPRK's test.

South Korea fired its missiles into the sea, after North Korea launched an intermediate range missile over Japan and into the northern pacific ocean.

Capable of traveling 300 kilometers and carrying up to a 1.5-ton warhead, the Hyunmoo II-A missile has been billed as a key asset for the South Korean military to destroy North Korea's underground nuclear sites, missile facilities and wartime commands.

Earlier on Saturday, Agence France-Presse reported that the UN Security Council will gather on a meeting to discuss North Korea's missile and nuclear programs on a request from the United States.

"Currently the situation on the Korean Peninsula is complex, sensitive and serious".

The key outside markets on Friday morning see the US dollar index lower. "We call upon the DPRK to fulfil its obligations as expressed in UNSC resolutions", it said.