Firefighter suspended for saying he'd save dog before black man


A fire department in OH has indefinitely suspended a volunteer firefighter for allegedly saying in a Facebook post that, given the choice, he would rather save a dog than a black person from a burning building.

The post, which contained multiple racial slurs, was ordered removed by the township.

According to HuffPost, who reached out to Roysdon, he did not immediately respond.

A volunteer firefighter from OH has been suspended indefinitely after a racist Facebook comment about black people has gained traction.

Joei Frame Roysdon wrote: 'Everyone deserves a second chance and is also entitled to their own opinion'.

Roysdon is officially accused of conduct unbecoming a township employee.

Despite being a volunteer, the OH firefighter is paid for when his services are needed - but will not be called while his case is under review.

Township Administrator Traci Stivers released a statement which read: "Fire Chief Steve Bishop immediately contacted the firefighter and directed the comments be removed".

A volunteer firefighter was suspended indefinitely without pay Tuesday after he wrote on Facebook that he would rather save a dog than a black man.

The fire chief, Bishop, took the most severe action against Roysdon.

Of course this rightfully brought about a huge uproar and according to WHIO-7 News, a disciplinary hearing by trustees of the department will take place on September 27 to determine if the 20-year-old will be fired.

Other volunteer firefighters in the township were quick to push back against Roysdon's words.

Roysdon's grandparents told the station he no longer lived with them and declined to comment on his suspension.

Trustees President Brian Morris said he was informed of the incident just before Wednesday's meeting started.