Hurricane Irma power cut kills eight nursing home residents in Florida


Hollywood Police Chief Tom Sanchez said investigators believe the deaths at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills were heat-related. Others are being treated at nearby hospitals.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said in a statement he would "aggressively demand answers" on what he called an "unfathomable" situation.

Later, Scott directed AHCA to issue an emergency moratorium for the facility, prohibiting it from admitting any patients until the order is lifted. "Memorial Regional Hospital, where many residents were taken, was in the top tier".

The other thing is, this place is right across the street from a hospital, and that hospital had power.

Healthcare regulators called conditions in the home "a threat to the health, safety or welfare of residents" and "an immediate serious danger to the public health".

Long before this past week, however, the facility had a history of poor inspections.

14 directed the Agency for Health Care Administration to terminate Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills LLC, located in Hollywood Hills, Fla., as a Medicaid provider after eight elderly patients died there in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

The Florida Department of Health also rejected responsibility for the incident.

Larkin Community Hospital, which Michel still owns, is also part of the current story. I mean nursing homes are supposed to have backup power and generators and have an emergency plan where they think about events like this.

President Donald Trump has praised first responders in storm-ravaged Florida for limiting the USA death toll from devastating Hurricane Irma, the second major storm to hit the United States this year. What they found was an oven.

FPL leaders continue to say they are "racing to get the lights back on".

"They have to get punished for what they've done", Flora Mitchell, 61, of Dania, Florida, tells PEOPLE. Otherwise, I wouldn't have put her there. "Nobody's telling us nothing".

Officials have said the interior of the building was extremely hot, and that staff were scrambling in vain to lower temperatures with fans and portable cooling units.

He's hoping the complaint preserves evidence for all families affected.

Though the facility has a generator, it was unclear if it was operational, and Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief told reporters that the residents died from the lack of air conditioning.

They say the restoration process has been four times faster than what Floridians saw during Hurricane Wilma 12 years ago.

Irma hit southwest Florida on Sunday morning as a risky Category 4 hurricane, the second-highest level on the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale.

Irma earlier left a trail of destruction in the Caribbean, where almost 40 people were killed. A total of nearly 4.5 million Florida Power & Light customers have been affected by the storm, with about 1 million getting service restored, mostly by automated devices. The facility itself has power, the individual said.

A Miami law firm Friday filed a court complaint against Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills following the deaths of eight residents at the facility Wednesday.