Trump on Irma: 'I never even knew a Category 5 existed'


She said she did not have any details about the causes of death, and that authorities are investigating. The deputy was overcome by fumes while approaching the home and called for fire rescue. Almost 2.7 million homes and businesses, about 1 in 4 Florida customers, remain without power. No one from the utility came that day.

"It is clear that this facility can not be responsible for Florida's vulnerable patients, and therefore the State will stop them from providing care", Scott said in a news release. The center was left without full air conditioning after the hurricane hit, and the deaths stirred outrage over what many saw as a preventable tragedy.

Betty Hibbard, 84, who later died, was alive but extremely uncomfortable on Tuesday when her friend Jean Johnson came to visit. As a precautionary measure, police are checking the other 42 nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the city of Hollywood, Sanchez said. There was no air conditioning.

An FPL statement in response to Defede's report said that the facility was supposed to have an operational generator.

Hospital officials said 39 patients are still in the hospital.

Defede said that was nearly verbatim the statement the utility had offered on Wednesday.

On the night before emergency workers had to evacuate people from a Florida nursing home where eight died, residents suffered in the sweltering heat as staff used fans to cool them, and one woman sat naked in a bed in a hallway, a video obtained by CNN shows.

Though the number of people with electricity has improved from earlier in the week, some 4.9 million people across the peninsula continued to wait for power.

Not so, according to Defede. Outreach was made to local emergency officials and first responders, Carballo said, without specifying when. "We've been calling and calling". "(Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills) called this number on three different occasions, they would get a call back from someone at the Emergency Operation Center who would say, 'Okay, we've heard you concern, we're on it, we'll take care of it, ' but nothing happened". "You go, you check on them, you make sure they have water and food and that's it", he said. When Defede called it Friday, he said it went straight to voice mail. Others were found in critical condition, some with trouble breathing, said Hollywood spokeswoman Raelin Story.

In a separate statement, the Florida Department of Health's Mara Gambineri wrote "this facility is located across the street from one of Florida's largest hospitals, which never lost power and had fully operating facilities".

The governor's communications director, John Tupps, did not respond to questions about whether Hollywood Hills had called Scott but said all calls from nursing homes were "referred to the Agency for Health Care Administration and the Florida Department of Health and quickly returned".

The six people who died were patients at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills. The complaint also seeks to protect all records pertaining to air conditioning equipment, hurricane preparation and procedures to monitor patients.

The state Agency for Health Care Administration on Wednesday ordered the Rehabilitation Center officially closed to new admissions.

Trump reiterated his hope that Scott runs for the Senate in 2018.