Trump praises Florida for Irma effort


Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief says three residents died at the scene, and three others died at a nearby hospital. Three others died in hospital.

Police say rescue crews were called to the nursing home just after 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. The Florida Health Care Association, a nursing-home industry group, said Wednesday morning that about 150 of almost 700 nursing facilities in the state do not have electricity fully restored.

Local law enforcement said the nursing home had been without air conditioning for days following the storm, which made landfall last weekend.

Temperatures on Tuesday in Hollywood reached 32C (90F), according to the National Weather Service.

Her father, 89-year-old Gabriel Giraldo, has dementia and was found the next morning with a 102-degree fever, dehydrated and unconscious.

"Walking away from a boat - that is one of my family's main source of income - is very hard to (do), especially when you secure all your property and everything else knowing that you may not see it again", Barr told the TV station this week.

"I'm very concerned. I'm like a family member to her", he said.

Johnson added that if Hibbard had been at home, she would've called 911 but since this was a nursing home she said she didn't want to "overstep" and stayed out of their way.

Firefighters discovered two people dead inside the house, FOX35 Orlando reported.

The Hollywood center where the deaths occurred had earned a "below average" mark of two out of five stars from the nursing home rating system for Medicare, the US health insurance program for the elderly and disabled, Medicare records showed. A lieutenant called the battalion chief about the issues at the home, the city said.

A neighbor told FOX35 Orlando generators were not allowed in the community, and officials across Florida are warning people to keep generators outside homes.

Irma's furious march through Florida not only darkened millions of homes, it also flooded roads, piling them with debris and blocking off access to neighborhoods.

Police speculate the air conditioning malfunction was caused by power outages during the catastrophic storm.

While Southeast Texas took the brunt of Harvey's wrath, Hurricane Irma's destruction was more widespread, causing damage in the Caribbean and across the Florida peninsula.

The Atlantic hurricane season has killed at least 100 people so far and caused estimated damage of at least $135 billion in the USA and the Caribbean.

President Donald Trump couldn't resist injecting a dose of politics into his tour of storm-damaged Florida on Thursday, saying Republican Gov. Rick Scott is doing such a good job with the recovery effort that he should run for the Senate. "We're going to be with you tomorrow and we're going to be with you until Florida rebuilds bigger and better than ever before", Pence said.

Though the number of people with electricity had improved from earlier in the week, some 6.8 million people across the peninsula continued to wait for power, and utility officials warned it could take a week or more for all areas to be back up and running.