United States judge presses Trump administration on Dreamer deadlines


"If there's a deal with the Democrats, you're going to have some problems".

Vanessa Meraz, director of the Student Government Association's Department of Inclusivity, said in planning the event, her goal was to provide more information about DACA in general, as well as share personal stories from those directly affected by the ending of DACA. He's been talking to so-called DREAMers about the developments. That includes just about everybody I know.

"He likes us", Schumer was heard saying about the President.

But on Thursday, the President said no deal had been made yet.

SIMON: Based on what you've heard, do you like the sound of this deal? One DREAMer I spoke to called it a psychological torture. This feels like a roller coaster that is not stopping.

"For many of us [Dreamers], we've grown up in this country, this is all we know", she said. The president has promised not to take action to deport the Dreamers until then.

In the next paragraph, he gets into supposition in the form of prediction, saying today's DACA recipients "would quickly become millions of newcomers, who may well be low-skilled and who would nearly certainly include the parents who brought them". And two, under no current circumstance is it a time to expect a victory and to celebrate.

"They came to the United States as children". Her name is Mitzie Perez of San Bernardino, Calif.

However, that doesn't mean King himself, an early Trump supporter, has buyer's remorse.

Trump also said he the top two Republicans in Congress - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan - were on board with his plan after he spoke with them.

"Although Trump has said border security should be part of any deal, Cuellar said he told them, "'The wall would come later.' So he did not link the wall to DACA". "I'm exhausted of the limitations we have, because this is my home". The president is getting pushback from conservatives, who say he has flip-flopped on immigration.

"I don't think Democrats put as much value on stopping illegal immigration once and for all", he said.

SIMON: Should they have amnesty?

GONZALES: No, they don't. Keep working for your families, your communities, and your country. One young man, Ronnie James of NY, leads a group of black DREAMers.

RONNIE JAMES: I'm being realistic.

Trump's decision to terminate DACA was largely seen as him following through with a campaign promise, but it might have helped, rather than hurt DACA.

GONZALES: It's my pleasure. So I'm not particularly optimistic.