Virat Kohli can break Sachin Tendulkar's records, will achieve new heights


Sehwag also said that he had sought the opinion of Kohli before applying for the post and the India skipper had given him the green-light to go ahead.

Immediately after the Champions Trophy, Kumble opted to step down a year after he was appointed coach by the BCCI.

The consistency with which Kohli has been scoring runs for India has seen him being compared to the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, whose feat of 100 worldwide centuries, apart from many others, felt unmatchable at one point of time.

Ravi Shastri, who was being described as the favoured choice of captain Kohli, eventually pipped Sehwag for the top post in July.

Sehwag gave credit to Kumble for handling an uncomfortable situation admirably. However, Kumble's resignation turned things around.

Best friends are those you can do everything and nothing with, and still have the best time. "Otherwise there was no better and capable coach than him". Kohli said he would never endorse something that he will never consume himself. "I think Virat can surpass Tendulkar's records", Sehwag told India TV.

"My fear always was I had played cricket for 15 years, stayed away from the family, so if I enter coaching I would again become busy for seven to eight months travelling with the Indian team".

He claimed that before throwing his hat in the ring that he consulted captain Virat Kohli "I also had a word with Virat Kohli, he asked me to go for it. I would have never applied", Sehwag added.

It is clear that Sehwag remains hurt about the snub and he has made it clear that he will never apply for the position again in the future. "I never thought of coaching the Indian team".

Sehwag said he had not applied for the job of his own volition but only after he was "given an offer to coach the team". But since taking over as India coach, he or should we say team India has hardly put a step wrong.

The coaching job had ultimately fallen to Ravi Shastri. "If Ravi had applied earlier, I don't think there would have been any chance of me applying for the post". Shastri told me that he will not repeat the mistake which he had made once. I am happy with the decision taken by the CAC.

The swashbuckling former opener had also said he was misled by a section of the BCCI into applying for the post. According to Sehwag his presentation was about "eight-ten" pages long.

"I've got nothing to say. If a captain finds himself in a hard position unable to take a decision or takes a bad decision, me, as a coach, I should make him understand like an elder brother that this decision is not in the interest of the team".