Yamcha and Tien join the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster


In the latest issue of V-Jump, Bandai Namco teased fans with an early glimpse [VIDEO] of #Android 21. With that said, what is known is that she will play a major role thanks to her Dr. Gero-like intellect in the "What If" story mode surrounding Android 16.

As one of the more anticipated fighting games now in development, Dragon Ball FighterZ quickly gained the attention of fight fans through its stellar character design and three-on-three layout. Named Android 21, this character was designed by original Dragonball mangaka Akira Toriyama.

Not to be outdone by the newcomer, Namco Bandai also confirmed that the longstanding Dragon Ball duo of Tien and Yamcha will be joining the final roster.

And here's a first look at Yamcha who uses his Spirit Ball special and Neo Wolf Fang Fist super. A few easy to guess characters have been announced, such as Piccolo and Krillin, but it seems like we're finally rounding out the Z Fighters and getting to more interesting characters. As for Tien, He will he will have his special attack, "Neo Tri-Beam", Volleyball Attack, and more. Also pictured is Chaozu, who will be featured in the game as an assist character. The title doesn't have a solid release date within the United States, but is slated to arrive in Europe in February.

A new character is entering the Dragon Ball universe in the video game called Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Not much else has been revealed about these two characters so far, other than their stats.

"The upcoming 2.5D fighting title "#Dragon Ball FighterZ" gets more exciting for all the "Dragon Ball" fans as it approaches its official release early next year.