Over 3000 extra USA troops deployed to Afghanistan: Pentagon chief


U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Monday the United States would send over 3,000 troops to Afghanistan and that most were either on their way or had been notified of their deployment.

Mattis told reporters Monday at the Pentagon that the boost in US troop strength would be "over 3,000", but he declined to name a specific number. After President Donald Trump granted Mattis more authority in determining troop levels, the defense secretary signed an order in August to deploy additional troops to Afghanistan.

"Frankly, I haven't signed the last of the orders right now", he said.

Trump last month announced a new Afghanistan policy to knock back the Taliban, who are continuing to mount deadly attacks, control large areas of territory and are killing local Afghan forces in the thousands.

USA generals have for months been calling the situation in Afghanistan a "stalemate", despite years of support for Afghan partners, continued help from a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation coalition and an overall cost in fighting and reconstruction to the United States of more than $1 trillion.

The new deployment will raise the number of USA forces in the South Asian country to over 14,000, as the 16th anniversary of war there approaches.